Rules Update

In the interest of full disclosure, I wish to update you on some rules changes I have recently implemented:

1.  If you are wondering why I have not yet repeated a food item even though the selection process is supposedly random, it is because I have decided to not eat the same item more than once per round. Once a round has ended, the item can once again be eaten.  Note: foods with different fillings are not considered the same item.  However, I do adjust the weights to make it less likely that any type of food will be chosen a second time in a round.  For example, a chicken burrito is not considered to be the same food item as a carne asada burrito.  However, if a carne asada burrito has already been chosen, I will adjust the probabilities to make it less likely that another type of burrito can be chosen.

2.  Due to popular request, the Final 4 will be completed in December, rather than September as previously indicated.

3.  The food item in the finals will not be randomly generated.  Instead, I will ask the eatery itself what their best item is, and will eat that item.  If I do not feel I will enjoy their best dish due to personal tastes, I will ask the taco shop for a second recommendation.   The finalists deserve to be judged on their house special, and not get jipped by being forced to prepare an item that is rarely ordered.

Alright, enough with rules updates.  Tune in tomorrow for the ever intriguing match up between Santana’s and El Cotixan!


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