Temporary Suspension of the Taco Shop Bracket

If John McCain can suspend his campaign for president, I can surely temporarily suspend my campaign to crown the best taco shop in San Diego County.  Unlike Senator McCain, who seemed to have made a strategic political decision, my decision to suspend my campaign is one of necessity.  

Tomorrow, I board a plane for London, where I will be studying this upcoming year.  The taco shop tournament will be completed either over the winter recess, or sometime next summer.  If you wish to be notified when the tournament resumes, send an email to: betterdealsinaugust@gmail.com with “sdtacoshops notification request” in the subject line.  Until then, I encourage all of you to get out and sample some of the great taco shop cuisine available here in San Diego.


2 Responses to Temporary Suspension of the Taco Shop Bracket

  1. Eunice says:

    hey whatsssup.
    so i told you i read your dank site. was not lying.
    i hear from your bro that you have open honorary judging positions.
    i would be HONORED to be one. just hit me up haha.

    I will agree with you that Caliente’s is a beautiful taco shop, everything from the salsa to its tortillas. I plan to reunite with Caliente’s this coming weekend.

    Hope London is treating you well.
    I’m sure you’re already missing the great mexican food of SD.

  2. Eunice-

    You are very much correct, I am greatly craving a carne asada quesadilla. Two days ago, I stopped into a cute little sandwich shop on the way back to my room. There, I ordered what appeared to be a chicken wrap. Upon ordering it, I was informed it was actually a “chicken burrito.” Let me tell you, that was not a chicken burrito. Although I was assured everything was made fresh using high quality ingredients, and I confirmed this via an inspection of the preparation area, this “chicken burrito” tasted more like a frozen “Hot Pocket.” Absolutely hideous. In retrospect, I should have taken a picture of this thing to demonstrate just how far off they were in calling it a burrito.

    On your other point, you can absolutely participate in the December tastings. I anticipate the taco shops will be at their best as they attempt to put a smile on their customer’s faces during the otherwise harsh and dreary San Diego winter.

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