Post-Tournament Awards: Value

An underrated category, value may not have decided many matches, but it is certainly an important consideration when deciding whether to frequent an eatery on a regular basis…

Best Value: Caliente

Caliente not only serves great tasting food in a wonderful atmosphere, but does so at discount prices. The massive (and absolutely delicious) quesadilla pictured in this picture, cost less than $5. In none of their four tournament matches did another eatery provide a cheaper meal than “Cals.”

***Note: Students, you are in luck. For even better value, ask for the student discount prior to paying. To ensure a level playing field, I refused to take the discount into account, but Cal’s chops a full 20% off the bill for students. Amazing!

Also Considered:
Santana’s-With a number of restaurants in San Diego County, Santana’s is managed very efficiently, and passes the savings on to the customers.

Worst Value: Mucho Gusto

What a joke. While Mucho Gusto made quite a splash in the tournament, reaching the Final IV, their prices are so ridiculous some taco shop connoisseurs are reluctant to consider them a true taco shop.

Four rolled tacos cost me $6.99 before tax, a simple chicken burrito was $7.49, and a chicken quesadilla set me back $8.98-again, before tax. It is true Mucho Gusto uses fresher ingredients than any other taco shop. It is also true that, in general, their food is delicious. However, their prices are borderline criminal. In the current economic environment, it is difficult to recommend Mucho Gusto for anything except the occasional splurge.

Also Considered:
Nicos-$5.99 for the worst enchiladas I have ever eaten.
El Indio-You pay for the repuation


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