Post-Tournament Awards: Freshness

While some people consider a lack of freshness to be a badge of honor for taco shops, I heartily disagree.  Little is more off-putting than a rotten tomato, or a tangle of brown lettuce in an otherwise solid taco. 

Most Likely to require a puke-bag: Aiberto’s

The first eatery I frequented was also the most disgusting.  Aiberto’s served “rolled tacos” that looked and tasted like the “taquitos” from the frozen food closet at your local liquor store.  They were soggy, cold in the middle, and contained inedible meat.  The “guacamole” dished out on top of the taquitos was puke-green in color.  It was clearly a mix of pre-packaged guac and water.  My guess is Aiberto’s used 3 parts water to 1 part pre-packaged guac.  If you feel it neccesary to buck my recommendation and eat at Aiberto’s, I suggest booking an appointment with your personal doctor ahead of time.

Also Considered:

Aiberto’s won this award in unanimous fashion.

Freshest Cuisine: Mucho Gusto

Mucho Gusto epitomizes freshness.  The guac was homemade with real avocadoes.  The chicken was of a high grade, and all white-meat.  Tomatoes were used extensively in all dishes, and were vibrant as anything I have seen at my local farmer’s market.  The hot sauce was made on premises, and all dishes were cooked to order.  Truly remarkable.

Also Considered:

El Indio-All of the tortillas are homemade on the presses in front of the customers.  The guacamole and salsas are also prepared daily by the kitchen.  Unfortunatley for El Indio, their freshness did not translate into exceptional tasting food. 


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