Post Tournament Awards: Hot Sauce

Every year, I sit through the entire Academy Awards show, endlessly waiting for the few “big awards.”  You know, best picture, best director, and the top actors.  I care much less about categories such as “short film-live action.”  Therefore, I have complete sympathy with you, my beloved readers.  For the past few weeks, you have sat loyally by as I have announced the winners of categories such as: “best presentation,” and “most fresh,” categories that some argue did not even belong in the competition in the first place.  Today though marks the start of the more interesting categories.  We may not quite be there, but I would argue that “best hot sauce” is at least equivalent to “best editing,” which at least seems important.

Best Hot Sauce: Santana’s

Their five unique and flavorful hot sauces received no less than full marks in every visit.  The green “ranchera salsa” was my favorite of the lot, but the other flavors were nearly as wonderful.  None of the hot sauces were watered down.  All of them brought something different to the palette.  Outstanding.




Also Considered:

Caliente-Probably the best tasting of the classic, red hot sauces.

Mucho Gusto-Fresh salsas that were not watered down.

Worst Hot Sauce: Mexico Viejo

For a shop that made the Final IV (albeit in upset fashion), Mexico Viejo has extremely disappointing hot sauces.  They are consistently watery, and have bizarre flavors.  As I wrote after my initial visit to Mexico Viejo:

 The hotter version of the red sauce tasted less like salsa and more like tomato sauce.  The more mild version was nothing more than an extremely watered down version of the hotter sauce.  The salsa verde was spicy, but contained a higher proportion of H20 than the human body.  It’s aftertaste was bizarre, and not in a good way.

Also Considered:

Aiberto’s-Does the fact that they were considered for yet another award in futility surprise anybody?

***Note: I apologize for my inconsistent posting.  I will try to announce “category awards” at least once a week from here on out.


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