Post Tournament Awards: Carne Asada

Carne Asada is the staple meat at most taco shops.  It goes great in burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and some believe tacos and tortas as well.  It was randomly selected as the filling in a number of match-ups, allowing me to try a wide variety of preparations.



Best Carne Asada: Santana’s

My first trip to Santana’s allowed me to critique their California burrito.  One bite later, and I was in disbelief.  Their carne asada was perhaps the best I ever had.  Generously seasoned, and perfectly grilled, I had absolutely no complaints.

Also Considered:

Caliente-I am pretty sure there is nothing they do poorly.

Worst Carne Asada: Kotija Jr.

This was an utter dissapointment.  I included Kotija Jr. in the tournament because I had been tipped off that they had “the best carne asada in San Diego.”  Not so.  The carne asada was tough and chewy, nearly necessitating a trip to the dentist following consumption of the “meat.”

Also Considered:

Cotixan-My first bite revealed carne asada that was very tough.  The beef was over seasoned in an attempt to mask its poor quality.

El Indio-Their carne asada tasted like low-grade ground beef.  Odd, for an otherwise solid establishment.


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